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Brasserie | LILLE

The rue des Débris Saint Etienne is traced on the site of the church of the same name, destroyed and burned in 1792 by Austrian bullets, during the siege of Lille.

The only remains of the church are the columns and capitals that house the sign Alcide, at the entrance of the street.

It is in 1826 that the n ° 5 of the street becomes a restaurant "La table d'Aragon".

It was in 1880 that the restaurant was taken over by a butler, named Alcide, who had worked in a large Parisian brasserie and who gave the establishment its nobility.

Alcide will be taken over by different operators, who will bring their stone to the building each time and will proudly wear this iconic brewery known to all of Lille.

It is from December 2017 that Alcide the oldest brewery in Lille will be taken over by a new direction that will carry out, during 3 months, various works to restore the establishment to its original decor.

Alcide, authentic brewery since 1880, offers a rich map of a knowledge of more than a century.

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